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TONS of Anime OST! from A-Z
February 23rd 2009, 11:53 am by admin
[DIR] 009-01/
[DIR] 2x2=Shinobuden/
[DIR] Code_Geass/
[DIR] Cowboy_Bebop/
[DIR] Coyote_Ragtime_Show/
[DIR] Cromartie_High_School/
[DIR] Curse_of_the_Undead_Yoma/
[DIR] Cutie_Honey/
[DIR] Cyber_City_Oedo_808/
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[DIR] Demashitaa.Powerpuff_Girls_Z/
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NARUTO - Collectin of Opening Songs
February 23rd 2009, 11:51 am by admin
NARUTO - Collectin of Opening Songs Naruto_-_Collection_of_Opening_Songs.rar

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Title Format Naming Guidance (Read before you post)

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server control

server control

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PostSubject: Title Format Naming Guidance (Read before you post)   March 27th 2009, 10:32 am

Read before Posting:
In order to promote uniformity, all thread starters will utilize the following Computer stuff Title format naming convention.

The correct format is as follows:
[File hosting site] – Name of software -Version (if applicable)


[RS] Winamp Ver 5.5

File hosting site codes:
[R.S] - Rapidshare
[T.U] - Turboupload
[M.U] - Mega Upload
[M.F] - MediaFire
[E.S] - Easy-share
[B.] – Badonggo
[S.S] - Sendspace
[D.L] - Direct Link

1. This policy is to be adhered to in-conjunction with PU's Rules and Regulation.
2. Moderators reserves the right to edit posts prior to the Title Format Naming Guidance's implementation as needed.


* Section VI.1 - Link Stealing is strictly prohibited. If original uploader was not given credit.
* Section VI.2 - Pinoy Underground Staff respect uploaders who put passwords in their post provided that they will be responsible enough to respond to all password requests. Passwords should only be given by the Thread Starter. Members who are granted by Passwords are not allowed to distribute it to other members. This Rules also applies in our Shoutbox.
* Section VI.3 - Please follow Title Format for our Music Section located in its respective threads (Posted in Sticky).
* Section VI.4 - Do not post hacking utilities, flooders, email harvesters/spam tools, virus development tools/tutorials.
* Section VI.5 - Do not post TRIAL versions as they are easy to find.
* Section VI.6 - No trading! This is not a trade wares site. Wares is free and will remain free.
* Section VI.7 - Check fix-links (viruses, worms, Trojans and browser hijackers) before posting.
* Section VI.8 - Always add a VALID link and a fix (if one exists).
* Section VI.9 - Test the link before posting it.
* Section VI.10 - Please follow Title Format for our Non-Music Section located in its respective forum. (Posted in Sticky).
* Section VI.11 - Including Mirror Links is a must!
* Section VI.12 - Cash Links are STRICTLY prohibited. As much as possible use Host Sites recommended by your respective Moderators.


* Section IV.1 - Before making a post use the SEARCH function.
* Section IV.2 - Don't use CAPS in your post, it could look offensive.
* Section IV.3 - No LIVE download links allowed. This site uses an Auto Code Feature just make sure you links starts with http.
* Section IV.4 - Add your links to existing topics (if there are any).
* Section IV.5 - Information is crucial so always add it to Your post (screen shots, if available, as well).
* Section IV.6 - If You want to add a reply to Your topic, please use the EDIT button if possible instead of making double-posts.
* Section IV.7 - Do not Flood our board with Non-sense replies it will be deleted. Example. "Una ako!","Thank you po!", "Galing nito!", "Padaan po!"
* Section IV.8 - Do not bump old threads just to say the links are dead or to ask for a Re-upload. Use the appropriate REQUEST section instead.
* Section IV.9 - Do not post links to any Forums/Sites as Advertisement. [Blog Site, Warez Sites included]
* Section IV.10 - If a post requires a fix (crack, key generator, patch links or serial numbers) to make it work, also include them in your post.
* Section IV.11 - Links uploaded/hosted in Blog Sites, Warez Sites will automatically be deleted.

Disclaimer/ Rules And Regulations V1.2
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Title Format Naming Guidance (Read before you post)

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